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Katherine MacNutt

Katherine’s first meeting with Count Jaggi was inauspicious. She handed him a white feather of cowardice not realizing that he was the newly arrived Belgian Relief Committee representative from England. Katherine hands out the white feathers on the streets of Ottawa to encourage men to enlist in the Canadian Expeditionary Force after Jamie, her son, was reported missing in action in France.

She was embarrassed when she was introduced to Jaggi at the Ottawa Belgian Relief Committee meeting. At the meeting she was asked by Mrs. Ramsey to help Count Jaggi with his upcoming fundraising lecture.

She reluctantly agreed. Soon she is charmed by Count Jaggi’s rakish good looks and while on holidays in New York City, succumbs to an illicit romance. Unbeknownst to her, the Count is a German agent that her husband, Chief Inspector Andrew MacNutt, is searching for.


Born in Kingston on September 3, 1885, she attended Kingston High School, where she did quite well as a student. She was visiting her cousin in Rockland, just outside of Ottawa, when the Strathcona’s Horse arrived in Ottawa. Her cousin dragged her to view the Horse as they paraded on Parliament Hill. She was smitten with handsome cavalry officer Andrew MacNutt.

A whirlwind romance ensued and they were married before Andrew shipped to South Africa. The marriage shocked her parents but they were resigned when they discovered that she was in the family way.

She gave birth to healthy boy on February 15, 1901 in Kingston. She named the boy Jamie after her uncle who died during the Fenian raids. When Andrew came back from South Africa they lived in Toronto where he tried to find employment. She was quite happy when he decided to move to Ottawa to work for the Dominion Police.

To help her husband in his career she joined the Women’s Canadian Club and the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (IODE) and became active in various committees dedicated to helping the least fortunate.