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Captain Franz von Papen
German Military Attachê

Photo of Captain Franz von Papen

Captain Franz von Papen is not happy to see Count Jaggi and is not in the mood to be cooperative.

In the novel, Count Jaggi, as a black operative working undercover as a Belgian Relief worker is ordered by Berlin to replace Captain von Papen in New York City.

While von Papen was a charming man and did his job as a military attaché reasonably well. Unfortunately, he was not well suited for his new cloak-and-dagger role. He was too well known in American social circles and in the press. He also liked being the centre of attention.

His spy skills were rudimentary at best, which caught the attention of fictional character Inspector MacNutt, head of the Canada’s Dominion Police’s Secret Service, and Inspector Tunney of the New York Bomb Squad. For example:


Franz von Papen was born in 1879 in Werl, Westphalia, to a wealthy German family. He married Martha von Boch-Galhau on 3 May, 1905.

Von Papen attended military school and when he graduated he worked in the palace for the Kaiser. In 1913, he was appointed to the German General Staff, then in December of 1913 he was assigned as a military attaché to Washington D.C. 

When war broke out in August 1914, Captain von Papen was in Mexico observing the Mexican revolution. When he returned back to Washington he was instructed, as was naval attaché Captain Boy-Ed, to secretly buy up or tie up American war production before it reached Britain and France.

As the military attaché to the German ambassador, Count Johann von Bernstorff, his main duties were to:

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