The Canadian Expeditionary Force Novels

Forging the Weapon cover 1914
Hammering the Blade cover 1915
Sharpening the Blade cover 1916
Tempering the Blade cover 1917


Frank Rockland


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The Canadian Expeditionary Force series tells the fictional military and political story of the Canadian involvement in WW1 from the start of the war in August 1914 to its final days in June of 1919.

The novels centres on the lives and loves of Infantry Officer James Llewellyn, Artillery Gunner Paul Ryan, and Nursing Sister Samantha Lonsdale as they try to survive the carnage on the battlefields of Europe.

In the books, I also depict the struggles of Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden and Major-General Sir Sam Hughes, the Minister of Militia and Defence as they deal with the political and economic upheavels the war brought to Canada.

The plan for the series is to write one book for each year of the First World War. Currently, Forging the Weapon (1914), Hammering the Blade (1915). and Sharpening the Blade (1916) have been completed.

I'm currently working on Tempering the Blade (1917) the next volume in the series.