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Prince of Wales laying the cornerstone

After the fire & Reconstruction

Construction of the new Centre Block began on July 24, 1916. Parliament would have its first official sitting in the new building on February 26, 1920, although the Centre Block would not be fully completed until two years later.

In 1919, the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, laid the corner stone of “The Tower of Victory and Peace” which today is known as the Peace Tower. The Peace Tower contains the Memorial Chapel, which commemorates the lives of more than 118,000 Canadians who, since Confederation, have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving Canada in uniform.

The Memorial Chapel contains the following seven books of remembrance for those who gave up their lives in defence of their country:

On a daily basis the Commissioners of the Centre Block turn a page in each volume to display the names of the fallen.

Guided Tours of the Centre Block of the Canadian Parliament can be arranged by visiting Parliament of Canada Visitor Information web page.

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