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Paul Koenig

We see only Paul Koenig once, when he is arrested by Inspector Tunney of the New York City’s Bomb Squad for being a German spy.

In my novel, Count Jaggi, the German agent sent to replace military attaché; Captain von Papen, and Hans Müller, the Count’s second in command, talk about him and the services he provided to their covert operations to disrupt the Allied war effort in New York City.


Prior to the war, Paul Koenig owned a small detective agency, the Bureau of Investigation that handled requests from the Atlas Line, a subsidiary of the German shipping company, the Hamburg-Amerika Line.

His company had the following divisions:

Koenig’s activities along the waterfront were noticed by the New York Bomb’s Squad, which raised questions since most of German shipping was tied up at the docks, which left Koenig with very little do.

When the bomb squad investigated, it discovered that Koenig had ties to Captains Franz von Papen and Karl Boy-Ed. He was a difficult man to follow since he employed various counter-surveillance techniques.

When they arrested him in December 1915 they discovered his little black book, which detailed his various activities.

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